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Wind damage to homes from storms, high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes costs property owners and Insurance companies billions of dollars per year in repairs and can vary from a few missing shingles on your roof to the complete destruction of your greatest investment. Wind damage restoration is a specialty of Liberty Restoration & Construction.

Wind damage can sometimes be hard to see as it’s not always visible from the ground.  Most oftentimes, a homeowner may only see a shingle or two missing from the ground.  Over time those one or two missing shingles can compound into a major roofing problem.  It is imperative that homeowners have a qualified roofing professional inspect their home to assess damage.  Liberty Restoration & Construction has a trained team of professionals that will give you a FREE Roof Inspection and explain their findings and assist you with the next steps needed.  Do not wait until you notice a leak coming from your roof.  At this point you will have far more wind damage to your roof and home to include:  potential mold, voided insulation, wet drywall, damaged subflooring, framing and trim.

Should I file an Insurance claim?

You should ONLY consider filing a claim for Wind damage after you’ve had a professional with storm restoration experience inspect the potential damage of your home or building.  If you file a claim on your own with your insurance company and do not have enough damage to warrant the claim; it will most likely result in a denial and leave a negative mark on your record.  Liberty Restoration & Construction has multiple years of experience in storm damage restoration.  Our team will perform a full inspection and if there’s enough damage we will assist you through the insurance claims process from start to finish ensuring you receive all that you’re entitled to.

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